Card Trivia:Ascension Sky Dragon

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  • This card can be considered the LIGHT counterpart to "Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon".
    • "Ascension Sky Dragon" is LIGHT-Attribute, "Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon" is DARK-Attribute.
    • "Ascension" has ? ATK (0 by default) and 3000 DEF, "Dragonecro" has 3000 ATK and 0 DEF.
    • "Ascension" is associated with Heaven, "Dragonecro" is related to Hell.
    • Their names share a similar pattern, if "Ascension"'s Japanese name is considered: "Dragoascension" and "Dragonecro".
    • Both monsters share a similar serpentine appearance.
    • Both monsters are the Duel Dragons of the Goodwin brothers in the manga, referencing their opposite plans.
  • This card shares a common theme with "Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon" and "Void Ogre Dragon", as the three of them are each associated with an afterlife realm in the Christian Catholic religion: Hell for "Dragonecro", Purgatory for "Void Ogre", and Heaven for this card (whose Japanese name indeed translates to "Heavenly Supreme Dragon - Dragoascension").
  • This is the first Level 10 Synchro Monster that does not require specific Synchro Materials or a minimum of 2 non-Tuners.
  • This card's appearance and ATK-gaining effect are similar to those of "Slifer the Sky Dragon". In addition, the two share the naming convention of both being "Sky Dragons".