Card Trivia:Blazing Inpachi

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  • "Inpachi" > "Blazing Inpachi" > "Charcoal Inpachi" > "Woodborg Inpachi"
    • This card is the second card of the series of four; it is basically an "Inpachi" that has caught fire who later it gets burnt out ("Charcoal Inpachi"), as mentioned in the card text, but is restored by "Kozaky" to become "Woodborg Inpachi".
  • This monster features a distinctly lighter area beneath the "18". This might be a scar from its battle with "Marauding Captain" as "Inpachi", as seen on "Double Attack" and "Backfire", which is also seen on "Woodborg Inpachi".
  • This card has the highest ATK of the four "Inpachi" monsters.
    • Ironically, it also has the lowest DEF of the four "Inpachi", making this card the only "Inpachi" monster whose ATK is higher than its DEF.