Card Trivia:Bokoichi the Freightening Car

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  • "Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive appears in the background this card's artwork.
    • The artwork also depicts "Dekoichi's" card artwork similar to this one, but taken from a different angle.
  • The Eye of Wdjat appears in this card's artwork as the rear bumpers.
  • This card's name is a pun off "freight train" and "frightening", referencing the frightening expression on this monster's face.
  • The code on the side of the car, BO-51, can be read as "Bo-ko-ichi" (5="ko", 1="ichi"), which is this card's name.
  • At least one Spanish print of this card has erratas: its lore says "pero la mayoria de la mercancia llega rota" instead of "pero la mayoría de la mercancía llega rota" ("but most cargo arrives broken") and its name is "Bokoichi el Coche Que Asusta" instead of "Bokoichi, el Coche que Asusta"