Card Trivia:Card Trader

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  • The gentleman in this card's artwork wears a partial mask, similar to the ones that Lumis and Umbra wear.
  • The gentleman in this card's artwork exhibits a rather striking resemblance to Oddjob from the James Bond series, namely his black garb, dark tan face (or the visible parts herein) and this man's top hat being very similar in appearance to Oddjob's bowler hat.
    • The said man in this card's artwork in reference to the dark background around him also buttresses this comparison, as Oddjob is a Bond villiain (namely him being Goldfinger's main villian and the fact that he's his personal golf caddy driver, bodyguard and chauffeur in Goldfinger.)
      • Still with these comparison's, the said services that Oddjob contributed to Goldfinger in the said film may also reference this card's effect, as the man in this card's artwork is offering a "card trading" service to this card's controller, in terms of their Hand.