Card Trivia:Chaos-End Master

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  • This card's effect is designed to Special Summon "Sphere of Chaos", which can be used with this card to Synchro Summon either "Light End Dragon" or "Dark End Dragon", due to the effect of "Sphere of Chaos" that also treats its Attribute as LIGHT.
    • This can also work in reverse; if "Sphere of Chaos" is Tribute Summoned, its effect can be activated to add this card to the hand, allowing for this card to later be Normal Summoned (with the other effect of "Sphere of Chaos" protecting itself in the meantime).
    • This is supported by the fact that all 4 cards were released in Limited Edition 12.
      • Additionally, this monster's headpiece resembles the headpiece of "Light End Dragon" very closely, along with the two monsters' color schemes.