Card Trivia:Constellar Hyades

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  • In astronomy, the Hyades is the nearest open star cluster to our Solar System. Hyades is located on the Constellation Taurus, and all of its four brightest stars are categorized as "red giant" type of star.
    • The red ring-like handles seem to symbolize the red giant.
    • The Taurus theme can be seen on its helmet and weapons.
  • This card is very similar to "Black Ray Lancer"
    • They're both Rank 3 Beast-Warrior-Type Xyz Monsters, differing through their opposite Attributes
    • They both require certain Attributes for their Xyz Material to Xyz Summon: LIGHT for this card & WATER for "Black Ray Lancer"
    • Their weapons both have a similar blade shape.
    • They're both also wearing knight-like armor.