Card Trivia:Crush Card Virus

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  • The kanji 死 on the viruses in this card's artwork means "death".
  • This is one of two Shonen Jump Championship Series Prize Cards to be banned, the other being "Cyber-Stein".
    • It is also currently the only Prize Card to be reprinted as an Ultimate Rare.
  • After this card's erratum to weaken its effect, its original effect was given to the OCG/TCG release of "Doom Virus Dragon".
    • It is highly likely that the card was given an erratum in order to make it possible to play "Doom Virus Dragon" in tournaments. This is unlike other Forbidden cards, which typically receive an erratum to weaken them in exchange for allowing them to become playable in official duels again.
  • In the Spanish dub of the show it is named "Carta Mortal" ("Deathly Card"), according to Cholo Moratalla, the director of the Spanish dubbing, it was due to "Virus Aplastacartas" was too long for the time Kaiba was speaking on screen so they had to rename it[1], when the cards arrived to Spain, nobody asked the translators of the show[2].