Card Trivia:Cyber Eltanin

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  • Eltanin, also called Gamma Draconis, is the brightest star in the constellation Draco.
    • The name comes from al-Tinnīn (التنين), The Dragon, which is the Arabic name of the constellation. The Arabic name of the star itself is Ra’s al-Tinnīn (رأس التنين), The Dragon's Head.
  • This card's Summoning requirements, its multiple heads, as well as the fact that it gains ATK based on the number of monsters it banished, are reminiscent of "Evil Dragon Ananta".
  • The main head for Cyber Eltanin looks a lot like the Mechagodzilla from Godzilla Tokyo SOS, while the smaller heads look more like the original Mechagodzilla.
  • The highest ATK that can be gained from this card's own effect is 37000; that is with 59 cards from the Main Deck and 15 cards from the Extra Deck.
    • Additionally, if the opponent uses 5 effects that causes their monsters to move to your side of the field, you can potentially have 5 of your opponent's LIGHT Machine-type monsters on your side of the field to banish for Cyber Eltanin. While unlikely, this raises the highest possible ATK that can be gained from this card's own effect to 39500.