Card Trivia:Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste

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  • This card was the first and only Fusion Monster played by Yusei Fudo.
    • According to a Twitter post, Yusei came up with this card by watching Jaden Yuki and Yami Yugi's turns against Paradox.[citation needed]
    • Interestingly, in the anime this card is a fusion of Yusei Fudo's two favorite cards, "Stardust Dragon" and "Junk Warrior". Its effect allows it to be treated as "Stardust Dragon" in a manner similar to the effect of "Junk Warrior", where it gets stronger based on cards already played. Its second effect is very defensive, reflecting Yusei's overall style of play.
      • Design-wise, it looks closer to a fusion of "Stardust Dragon" and "Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth", which has a similar art style to "Junk Warrior" and other monsters used by Yusei.
  • Although tangentially related to them, this is the first Cover Card of the 5D's series to have no relation to the "Signer Dragons".
  • This card's pose is similar to that of "Stardust Dragon". Additionally, both this card and "Stardust Dragon" are WIND monsters and they are both used by Yusei Fudo.
  • In Latin, the word "Draco" refers to Dragon.
    • "Equiste" refers to an order of Roman warriors who fought on horseback. Since "Equiste" is actually a plural form of the singular "eques", a more accurate name might be "Dragoeques". However, the use of the plural word is likely a reference to the fact that "Drago-Equiste" is a Fusion Monster (also in Latin, the word "Eques" refers to Knight, "Equiste" means "Knights", so the translation of the name of this card is "Dragon Knight Dragon Knights").
  • Oddly, despite being intended as a counter against the "Meklord Emperors", Yusei never used this card against Iliaster.
    • This could be due to Yusei mastering the Accel Synchro and Clear Mind, acquiring Shooting Star Dragon in the process afterwards, thus no longer needing to rely on Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste.