Card Trivia:Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua

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  • Ccarayhua (Qaraywa) means lizard in the Quechua language, as it's based on the Lizard geoglyph of the Nazca Lines.
  • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime, this "Immortal" could possibly embody Misty's changes when she transforms into a Dark Signer. Before this happened, Misty was adored by many for her charm and beauty. When she becomes a Dark Signer, everything that defined Misty in terms of what made her liked by others (although nobody except the Signers and their friends saw her as a Dark Signer) were not part of her anymore. Misty had a more wicked appearance, she was very vengeful for her younger brother and used a Deck based on evilish reptilian entities in Greek mythology. Akin to lizards, which are sometimes noted to have rather repulsive appearance, there was nothing about Misty as a Dark Signer that anyone would have liked of her.
    • Just as Misty never took her revenge on Akiza, this monster's destructive effect was never activated. In fact, it was never destroyed.