Card Trivia:Evigishki Merrowgeist

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  • "Geist" means "ghost" in German. This could refer to "Gishki Emilia", since she is a ghost herself.
    • Fittingly, "Merrow" is the the Scottish and Irish Gaelic equivalent of a mermaid.
  • This card might be an indication that the "Gishki" and "Gusto" archetypes have joined forces to fight against their new enemy, the "Vylon" archetype.
    • It can be noticed that the "Gishki" sign in the center of the "Gishki" Gishki Aquamirror staff that this monster is holding is replaced by a cross-like "Gusto" sign.
    • This monster is likely flying over the sea surface, which is different from other "Gishki" Ritual Monsters, which are all under water. Moreover, the "Gishki" sign is at the back of this monster instead on the surface of the sea like the others. Those reasons refer that this monster may be a hybrid (50-50) between the "Gishki" and "Gusto" archetypes.
    • Also, this card could be the Xyz Summon of "Gishki Emilia" and "Musto, Oracle of Gusto", as both of them are LV4 monsters, were released in the same set, and the cloth on this card's lower chest is very similar to those of "Musto". The staff that "Merrowgeist" uses looks like the combination of the staffs of "Emilia" and "Musto"; the staff "Musto" uses is wooden and filled with the kind of leaves that also appears on the staff of "Merrowgeist".
      • This is confirmed in the Duel Terminal Master Guide.