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  • This card shares many similarities to Yugi Muto's "Dark Magician Girl":
    • Both monsters are similar in appearance.
    • This card's Level is 3 Levels lower than that of "Dark Magician Girl", just as the Level of "Gagaga Magician" is 3 lower than that of "Dark Magician".
    • This card's Level is one Level lower than "Gagaga Magician", just like "Dark Magician Girl" is one Level lower than "Dark Magician".
    • This card has 1000 less ATK than "Dark Magician Girl", just as "Gagaga Magician" has 1000 less ATK than "Dark Magician".
    • Both this card and "Dark Magician Girl" have effects that involve the support of a monster similar to itself ("Dark Magician Girl" with "Dark Magician"/"Magician of Black Chaos", and this card with another "Gagaga" monster.)
    • Both cards have effects that can alter ATK.
    • Both had their artworks edited to be less revealing from the OCG to the TCG.
  • This is the first monster with an effect that only activates when it is used with a specific monster of a certain archetype - in this case, the "Gagaga" archetype - as Xyz Material.
  • This monster has a cellphone instead of the usual magician's wand.
  • The "Gagaga" crest appears on this monster's necklace.
  • The snowflake-like symbols in this card's background artwork also appear in the artworks of "Gagaga Child", "Gagaga Sister", and "Gagagadraw".
    • The seal in this card's background artwork also appears in the artworks of "Gagaga Child" and "Gagaga Clerk".
  • This card is similar to "Gagaga Clerk" in the following ways:
    • Both have a corresponding male "Gagaga" monster that they combo with ("Gagaga Magician" and "Gagaga Caesar", respectively).
    • Both are 1 Level lower than their male partner.
    • Both represent their own "branches" of "Gagaga" monsters: DARK Spellcaster-Type and EARTH Warrior-Type.