Card Trivia:Goblin Calligrapher

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  • This card's French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish names each roughly translate to "False Goblin", which is closer to the Japanese name than the English name.
  • This monster appears in the artwork of "Fake Trap", a card that was released before this card.
    • Although all TCG versions of "Fake Trap" use the English artwork featuring the word "FALSE", the respective flavor text of each TCG language uses their own equivalent of the word for "Goblin Calligrapher" (e.g. French "Faux"). The Korean text simply uses the English word "FALSE" accordingly to the English artwork, even though the Korean name is a direct translation from the Japanese name.
    • Interestingly, this monster's horn, tongue, and ears aren't censored in this card's TCG artwork, but are censored in that of "Fake Trap".
    • Unlike in the artwork of "Fake Trap", this monster appears to be wearing a loincloth.
  • The Spanish SOD print of this card has an errata, as the word "perfeccionar" appears as "perfectionar".