Card Trivia:Grenosaurus

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  • "Guren" in this card's Japanese name can be translated as "Crimson" in English, making a reference to this card's element and artwork.
    • However, the "Guren" in its name is written in katakana, not hiragana or kanji, which it would be written in if it actually meant "crimson lotus".
      • With the introduction of Starter Pack Volume 1, according to this card's Chinese name "紅蓮恐龍", it's now clearly known that "Guren" actually means "crimson lotus".
  • The pose of the monster in the artwork is very similar to that of "Tyranno Infinity".
  • This monster actually has two heads, the second being on its chest.
    • This may be a reference to its effect, which can be seen as a "second attack", alluding to its subsequent Burn effect.