Card Trivia:Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms

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  • This is the first "Noble Arms" card that is a monster instead of an Equip Spell Card (although it can turn into an Equip Spell Card by its effect).
  • In the Konami article "A Very Noble New Year", certain aspects of this card were given a backstory.
    • The 300 ATK boost was described as, "She provides a 300 ATK boost in morale."
    • The "Noble Knight" targeting requirement was described as, "And she equips to Noble Knights only, much like Noble Arms - Excaliburn, recognizing their worth and deeds even if they’re transformed into Zombies or Beast-Warriors".
    • Her LIGHT-based effect was described as, "She can shield LIGHT Knights from deadly Spells, Traps, and monster effects".
    • Her DARK-based effect was described as, "[She can] sneakily assassinate the enemies of DARK Knights".