Card Trivia:Junk Destroyer

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  • This card's name is a reference to its own effect ("Destroyer") and how it can utilize many low Level monsters ("Junk") to maximize its ability.
  • This monster's four arms are likely a reference to how many cards it can destroy.
  • The effect name of "Junk Destroyer" is Tidal Energy and its attack name is Destroy Knuckle.
    • In the English dub, the effect name of "Junk Destroyer" is Tidal Sweep and its attack name is Fists of Ferocity.
  • The orbs on the torso of this card's artwork may represent the maximum number of Synchro Materials a player can use from their own field; the red orb in the center may represent the Tuner (also a possible reference to the two Tuners a player can use), and the four blue orbs may represent the non-Tuner monsters.
    • In the anime, when "Junk Destroyer" uses its effect, it charges energy from the blue orbs on its torso, and releases the energy out of the red orb in the center of its torso.
  • This monster resembles an Asura.
    • It also resembles Mazinkaiser. Its head is very similar, and the "wings" on its back resemble the Kaiser Scrander.
    • This monster can also be said to resemble the Gundam Double X from the mecha series After War Gundam X due to a similar color scheme, X shaped wing binders and the use of notable sound effects from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise during the battle scenes with this monster in episode 101.
    • This monster also slightly resembles ZX-Tole from the series Bio Booster Armor Guyver.
  • This card is the only Synchro Monster targeted by the effect of a "Meklord" monster, but never be equipped to it.