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  • This card's name, "Kuriboh" (クリボー Kuribō), roughly translates to "chestnut person" in Japanese. It is also the Japanese name for the Super Mario Bros. enemy known as "Goomba" in the International version.
  • "Sangan" may also be related to this card.
    • Its Japanese name is "Critter" (クリッター Kurittā).
    • The pose of "Sangan" in its manga artwork is the same as that of this monster in its manga artwork.
      • Both of their manga artworks also have the same background.
  • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, this monster self-destructed on contact with the enemy.
    • The effect of "Detonate" to destroy as many copies of this card and "Kuriboh Tokens" the player controls is a reference to this and works best after using "Multiply", another card that specifically supports this card.
  • This monster was referred by Kazuki Takahashi as his third favorite monster in an interview in the Swedish Shonen Jump, in 2005. In his commentary, he also said (freely translated): What does that look actually mean?
  • In the anime, this monster seemed to be different from other monsters, as it was almost sentient.
  • This card's third OCG/second TCG artwork is taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel 104104 (Duelist Duel 45): "Crisis!", specifically from the panel showing this monster and Dark Yugi (directly before Dark Yugi activated "Multiply").