Card Trivia:Number 22: Zombiestein

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  • This card is the first Nomi Xyz Monster.
  • The kanji in this card's Japanese name, "不乱健 Furan Ken" can also be read as "Un-Rebelling Strength".
  • This monster's name and appearance are a reference to the famous "Frankenstein's monster" and possibly a Ken doll, bringing together Cologne's love for dolls and her Gothic style.
    • This card's manga-only effect of not being able to attack female monsters is an explicit reference to the behavior of the Frankenstein's monster in Frankenstein. In the novel, the monster asks his creator, Victor Frankenstein, to make him a female counterpart so he wouldn't be lonely after he was rejected by the humans around him for his appearance.
    • This monster shares a common naming convention with another monster based off of Frankenstein's monster- "Cyber-Stein". In Japanese, their names contain "Franken" (the Japanese name of "Cyber-Stein" is "Devil Franken" and the name of "Zombiestein" is "Fran Ken") while in English their names contain "Stein" instead.
  • This is the first "Number" monster released in the TCG/OCG which requires monsters of a specific Attribute to be Xyz Summoned.
    • However, "Number 96: Dark Mist" was the first "Number" monster in the anime to require monsters of a specific Attribute to be Xyz Summoned.
  • The number 22 can be seen on the left side of this monster's shawl.
  • This card is one of only two cards with a gender-specific effect (in the manga); the other is the anime-only effect of "Shadow of Eyes".