Card Trivia:Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

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  • This card has a manga counterpart: "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon".
    • Both cards have Pendulum Effects that activate when a monster battles: this card can reduce the battle damage the player takes from an attack involving a Pendulum Monster they control to 0, while "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon" can make a monster the player controls gain 1200 ATK until the end of the turn, when an attack is declared involving a player's face-up monster and an opponent's monster, and if they have an "Odd-Eyes" card in the other Pendulum Zone
      • Both also have a monster effect to inflict damage to the opponent when they battle: this card can double any battle damage it inflicts to the opponent, while "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon" can inflict damage to the opponent equal to the number of "Odd-Eyes" cards in the player's Pendulum Zones x 1200, when it inflicts battle damage to the opponent by attacking.
    • This monster has a red color scheme, while "Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon" has a blue color scheme.
  • This card has the following distinctions from the other Four Dimensional Dragons:
    • It is the only one to have a downgraded form ("Odd-Eyes Dragon").
    • It is the only one whose corresponding dimension in the anime was not initially named after its Summoning mechanic, although it later became the Pendulum Dimension after Z-ARC was defeated.
    • It is the only one without wings.
    • It is the only one to to be an Main Deck monster instead of an Extra Deck monster.
    • It is the only one to not have an effect of gaining ATK, instead doubling the battle damage it inflicts to the opponent.