Card Trivia:Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

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  • This monster is the signature card of Yuya Sakaki.
    • In the anime, this card is the transformed version of "Odd-Eyes Dragon" after it reacted with Yuya's pendant.
    • This monster's eye colors are based on Yuya's hair colors.
    • It shares the same ATK of 2500 as of the other signature cards: "Dark Magician", "Elemental HERO Neos", "Stardust Dragon" and "Number 39: Utopia". These monsters are respectively the signature cards of Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo and Yuma Tsukumo, the previous protagonists from the first four series of the anime also with "Firewall Dragon" the signature card of Yusaku Fujiki , the next successor of the anime.
      • This monster's Attribute and Level are the same as Yugi Muto's "Dark Magician": a Level 7 DARK monster.
      • This card also marks the first time in Yu-Gi-Oh! where the protagonist has a "(Something)-Eyes (Something) Dragon" Dragon monster as their signature card instead of their rival, like "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" or "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon".
      • This is the first protagonist Ace Monster to have an offensive effect rather than a defensive one, like "Stardust Dragon" and "Number 39: Utopia". It does have a defensive Pendulum effect however.
    • Like how its counterparts are a reference to their owner's origin, "Odd-Eyes" represents Z-ARC's entertaining spirit, which is reflected by Yuya's ideal.
      • To be more precise, "Odd-Eyes Dragon" represents this.
    • As a Pendulum Monster, it is the first signature card of a main protagonist that can exist in both the Main Deck and the Extra Deck.
  • According to Zuzu Boyle, this card represents the courage Yuya inherited from his father.
  • This card is the first Pendulum Monster Yuya set in a Pendulum Zone that wasn't a "Magician" Pendulum Monster.
  • This monster has the following distinctions from the other Four Dimension Dragons:
    • It is the only member to have a downgraded form ("Odd-Eyes Dragon").
    • It is the only member whose corresponding dimension was not initially named after its Summon mechanic, though it later became the Pendulum Dimension after Z-ARC is defeated.
    • It is the only member without wings, making it a pure land-based monster.
    • It is the only member to start in the Main Deck instead of the Extra Deck.
    • It is the only member that cannot boost its own ATK, instead only boosting its battle damage.