Card Trivia:Pot of Greed

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  • According to the Master Guide, someone can put their hand inside the "Pot of Greed" and find something that will delight them, but the pot will explode once they take their hand out.
    • Because of this, the "Pot of Greed" can be used to potentially assassinate someone, as shown in the artwork of "The Gift of Greed".
    • Both of the above would explain why "Pot of Greed" is shown to be illegal in the artwork of "Mistaken Arrest".
      • Despite this card's malicious nature, it can also be used as an improvised vacuum cleaner, as shown in the artwork of "Counter Cleaner".
  • This card appears as a possible question in the Action Field "Quiz Quest". The question asks for the number of teeth in the card's artwork:
    • The answer is 20.
  • This card has the second shortest effect text of any card, after "Jar of Greed".
  • In recent times, this card has become a meme within the Yu-Gi-Oh! community due to its many appearances in the anime series, in which its activation is often followed by an explanation of its effect, despite the effect's overall simplicity and how often it appears.