Card Trivia:Reptilianne Scylla

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  • This card is based on Scylla, a sea monster from Greek mythology featured in both the stories of Odysseus and the Argonauts who made her lair on one side of a narrow straight, opposite to another sea monster named Charybdis.
    • In Greek mythology, Scylla is known for having six serpentine heads and a lower body that consisted of twelve fierce dogs. The latter is reflected in this card's appearance of having a scaly lower body that resembles a dog's body, but features fanged mouths that resembles the muzzles of said dogs.
  • Despite this card being a Reptile-Type monster, this card is as not serpentine as the rest of the "Reptilianne" monsters.
  • This card's effect is nearly identical to that of "Goyo Guardian".