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  • In the anime, during the Virtual World arc, Nezbitt takes the form of "Robotic Knight" to act as his Deck Master. Its Deck Master ability allows him to discard Machine-Type monsters from his hand to inflict 500 points of damage to the opponent for each one discarded
    • During Nezbitt's duel with Tristan Taylor, Duke Devlin, and Serenity Wheeler, he only used his Deck Master Ability to discard three monsters at a time to inflict 500 points of damage to each of his three opponents.
    • Later on in the duel, Nezbitt combines himself with "Machine King" (who "Robotic Knight" serves, according to its card text) to form "Perfect Machine King".
    • This card, along with "Deepsea Warrior", another monster used by a member of The Big Five as a Deck Master, have 1600 ATK and have an effect to give up monsters to inflict damage to the opponent. Both of these cards, as well as "Nightmare Penguin", another Deck Master of The Big Five, are all Level 4 and have 1800 DEF. The last two Deck Masters of The Big Five, "Jinzo" and "Judge Man", are both used by the other one's opponent, have an effect to destroy a certain type of the opponent's cards on the field, are Level 6, and have 1500 DEF.
  • This monster's design differs slightly in the anime from what it appears in its artwork: in the anime, Robotic Knight had two seperate eyes, whereas in the artwork it has a single green line stretching horizontally over the faze that acts as the eyes. The original artwork also posesses a machine-gun in the place of the left hand, while in the anime, it has both hands. These differences can be made more apparent by observing the monster's 3D model in several videogames, such as "Duelists of the Roses".