Card Trivia:Sanga of the Thunder

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  • This card is one of the components of "Gate Guardian" which makes up the head, torso, and arms. It is also one of the components of "Gate Guardian" whose Type refers to its element, as it is the "Thunder God" and a Thunder-Type monster, and Suijin is the "Water God" and an Aqua-Type monster; however, "Kazejin", the "Wind God", is a Spellcaster-Type monster rather than a Winged Beast-Type monster.
    • The kanji (雷) on this monster's body translates to "thunder", reflecting this card's LIGHT Attribute and Thunder Type.
    • This card is the only component of "Gate Guardian" with a different TCG naming format than the other two components. In the OCG, the components are each called "Thunder Devil - Sanga", "Wind Devil - Hyuga", and "Water Devil - Suga". This card is the only component to keep its "name" while the other two components are named for their element ("Kaze"/"Sui" for wind/water respectively) and ending with the suffix "-jin", the Japanese word for "god".
    • This monster is the largest piece of "Gate Guardian", with this card's ATK being exactly 100 more than the "Suijin", the second largest part of "Gate Guardian", and 200 more than the "Kazejin", the third largest part.
  • The Bandai version of this card belongs to the "Black Magic" family (which can be considered as a DARK Spellcaster-Type), whereas Konami's version is a LIGHT Attribute Thunder-Type monster.