Card Trivia:Sealing Ceremony of Raiton

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  • This card's artwork features "Crimson Ninja" and "Fluff Tokens".
    • Specifically, there are 2 "Fluff Tokens", which would come from the effect of "Dandylion", which Special Summons 2 of them when sent to the Graveyard".
    • Similar to "Sealing Ceremony of Katon", you can't use the monsters in this card's artwork as the cost (because Tokens can't exist in the Main Deck).
    • The headbands that the Fluff tokens are wearing resemble the ones worn in the Naruto anime/manga.
  • Although this card depicts lightning, and "Rai" is Japanese for thunder, this card requires that a WIND monsters be used as a cost for activating its effect instead of a Thunder monster.