Card Trivia:Shrine of Mist Valley

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  • Despite being named after the "Mist Valley" archetype, you can see the team symbol of the "Gusto" in this card's artwork.
    • According to the Duel Terminal storyline, this card's location is inside the Mist Valley region, which is close to the Dragunity region at "Dragon Ravine". After the rampages of "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", Gusto tribe as Mist Valley's descendants now inhabiting the region. Perhaps this is why this card can support WIND monsters in general.
    • This card is mostly created for covering most of Gusto monsters' weaknesses, which leads to some players claim this card as Gusto archetype's exclusive Field Spell, rather than Mist Valley's.
  • This cards seems to appear in the background of "After the Storm". The jewel at the top of the "Shrine" appears to have dropped and been split in two.
  • This card appears in the artwork of "Evilswarm Thunderbird" as it is shown perched at the top of the shrine.