Card Trivia:Skull Servant

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  • This card appears in the artwork of "Ante".
  • In the colorized manga, Toei anime, Bandai card game, and Top gum card, this monster has a green cloak. However, in the OCG and all subsequently released media (except the colorized manga), this monster has a purple cloak.
    • "The Wandering Doomed", this monster's recolored counterpart, has a green cloak, potentially referencing this older coloration of "Skull Servant".
  • This card's OCG name, "Wight", is a Middle English word for a creature or living being, esp. a human being. This term is used comparatively recently to give an impression of archaism and mystery in literature, for example in the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, where "wights" are corpses with a part of their decayed soul. Some subsequent writers seem to have been unaware that the word did not actually mean ghost or wraith, and so many works of fantasy fiction, role-playing games and computer and video games use the term as a name for spectral or undead creatures.
  • This card became infamous as being one of the worst monsters in the game, prompting Konami to create support cards for it as the Wight series.
    • Due to its reputation as being a very weak monster on its own, several video games based on Yu-Gi-Oh! reward the player with a bonus if they manage to reduce the opponent's Life Points to zero with an attack from this card, known as "Skull Servant Finish".