Card Trivia:Skull Stalker

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  • This card is one of eight of Joey Wheeler's Normal Monsters introduced to the TCG in Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega Pack that have their English flavor texts written in his Brooklyn accent. The other seven are: "Meotoko", "Wolf", "Kageningen", "Stone Armadiller", "Hero of the East", "Anthrosaurus" and "Little D". ("Alligator's Sword", which is included in Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega Pack but debuted in the TCG previously, also has this kind of English flavor text.)
    • All of these cards are seen in Joey's very first Deck, except for "Hero of the East" (which is only seen when Joey has a dream of himself with his inexperienced Deck) and "Little D" (which has not appeared in the anime).
    • In Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, these cards' flavor texts are also written in eye dialect for the sake of humor. Apart from the French text which is translated more directly from the Japanese text in a little more serious way, texts in other TCG languages appear to be translated from the English text.