Card Trivia:Solemn Warning

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  • This card's name, effect and artwork are similar to "Solemn Judgment". Major changes include the fixed amount of Life Points to pay (2000 as opposed to half) and the fact that this card can negate Monster Effects. However, it can only negate said effects, Spell and Trap Cards only when they Special Summon a monster. This makes this card's effect more akin to a one-shot "Royal Oppression", though it also affects Normal Summons and Flip Summons. The figures in the artwork also appear younger than they did in "Solemn Judgment".
  • Both this card's artwork and "Solemn Judgment" feature an old man resembling and possibly inspired by classic depictions of God in Christianity, as well as two angels, just as in "Solemn Judgment". Their translated Japanese names ("Declaration of God" and "Warning of God", respectively) support this interpretation, but this can also be interpreted as a depiction of a prophet declaring what is believed to be a message from God.