Card Trivia:Stellarknight Constellar Diamond

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  • This monster's effects are made to specifically counter "Shaddoll" Decks.
    • They are heavily reliant on sending "Shaddoll" monsters from their Decks to the Graveyard to trigger their effects.
    • Their Fusion Monsters and "Shaddoll Core" add "Shaddoll" Spell/Trap cards from the Graveyard back to the hand.
    • "Shaddoll" is a DARK archetype.
  • This monster is composed of the following monsters:
    • The horns, chest-plate, and metallic leg-braces of "Constellar Aldebaran" (on its head, chest, and first two segments of its tail, respectively).
    • The wheels of the chariot of "Satellarknight Capella" (the bases of its wings).
    • The chest-plate, sword, right leg, and right-forearm spikes of "Constellar Pollux" (the part of its body that its tail is attached to, the tip of its tail above its right foot, part of the third segment of its tail, and part of the tail behind its left side of its body, respectively).
      • The sword can be recognized by its black and white hilt.
    • The weapon of "Satellarknight Rigel" (near the tip of its tail above its right foot).
    • The helmet, shoulders, and upper legs of "Satellarknight Sirius" (on its head, shoulders, and upper leg portions of its body)