Card Trivia:Tellarknight Ptolemaeus

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  • This card is named after the astronomer Ptolemy and is possibly based on his geocentric model of the universe, which appears in the background of its artwork. The requirement to detach 7 Xyz Materials to use this card's turn skipping effect may be a reference to the 7 spheres that orbit Earth in Ptolemy's model: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  • This monster might be variously interpreted as either an upgraded form of "Constellar Sombre", a fused form of "Constellar Pleiades" and "Constellar Omega", or a downgraded form of "Stellarknight Constellar Diamond".
    • Supporting the first theory, this card's ATK is 1000 less than "Sombre" and its DEF is 1000 more, it has the same horn as "Sombre", and on the lower part of its weapon attached the same sword used by "Sombre". Also noteworthy is the fact that this card is the only "tellarknight" monster to have an ATK not divisible by 100.
      • This monster most certainly originates from "Sombre", as this monster has the white orb of "Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth" in the center of its chest.
    • Supporting the second theory, this monster is a centaur like "Constellar Omega", but seems to have more Warrior-esque features resembling "Pleiades" on its upper body. The wings also strongly resemble "Pleiades'" cape, albeit more spread out.
    • Supporting the third theory, this card's first effect would allow it to Rank-Up into "Stellarknight Constellar Diamond", and this monster has the same wings as "Diamond".
  • This is the first "tellarknight" monster to be Forbidden.
  • This card has a watered-down counterpart, "Darktellarknight Batlamyus".
    • Their Attribute, ATK and DEF are the inverse of each other.
    • Both cards are named after Ptolemy.
    • Both cards have effects that require 7 other cards as a prerequisite for activation. This card can detach 7 Xyz Materials to activate one of its effects, while "Batlamyus" requires 7 or more "Tellarknight" monsters with different names in its controller's Graveyard so its effect can be activated during either player's turn.
  • As its second effect requires 7 Xyz Materials to be detached to activate it, this card is the Xyz Monster that requires the largest defined number of Xyz Materials to be detached from it to activate its effect.