Card Trivia:The Grand Jupiter

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  • The sphere on this monster's chest bears a resemblance to the planet this monster is based off of, Jupiter.
  • This card's appearance is somewhat reminiscent of "Destiny Hero - Plasma", a card playing a similar role in Aster's Deck in the GX anime.
    • This card also possesses the same Type and Level as "Plasma", as well as bearing similarities via its effect, "Plasma" also possessing an effect allowing the absorption of another monster, although there is no cost for "Plasma", isn't limited to one turn and only strengthens it by half the equipped monster's ATK.
    • Also of note is that both cards were designed by Aster's father, Mr. Phoenix, and stolen after his murder by a villain (the Light of Destruction-possessed The D in the case of "Plasma", and Tragoedia in the case of "Jupiter"). Both also belong to archetypes designed entirely by Mr. Phoenix, "Destiny HERO" in the case of "Plasma", and the "Legendary Planets" in this card's case.
  • This monster is a counterpart and opposite to "Elemental Hero Terra Firma", both in appearance and effect. While "Terra Firma" has white armor of rock, this monster has a darker color scheme. Where "Terra Firma" appears with a sphere around it in the manga, this monster contains a sphere within its bodies. And where "Terra Firma" Tributes another "Elemental HERO" to gain strength (a willing sacrifice), this monster forcefully absorbs a monster to gain power (a forceful gain).
    • Also this card's ATK, DEF and Type are exactly equal to "Terra Firma's".
    • In addition, the users of the two monsters, Aster Phoenix for this monster, and Jaden Yuki for "Terra Firma", are rivals of sorts, each using a "HERO" Deck of a different playing style and having personalities at odds with one another, reinforcing the opposite concepts of this monster and "Terra Firma", despite both belonging to the "Legendary Planet" series.
    • Finally, this monster resembles the Thunder Megazord from the Power Rangers/Super Sentai series (specifically the sphere on the body and the head), whereas Jaden's newest archetype are based on the Kamen Rider franchise.