Card Trivia:Thunder Nyan Nyan

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  • This card is most likely based on the Japanese legend of the Oni, ogres who often wore tigers skin clothing.
  • The drums and drum sticks this monster has are based off of the ancient Japanese deity Raijin (thunder meaning "rai"), the god of lighting, who is usually depicted carrying them (excluding the cymbals).
  • "Nyan" is an example of Japanese readings highly approximating to Chinese readings, more than on'yomi, because the word 娘 is read in Chinese as "niáng" ("niáng" means "Miss" and "niáng niáng" means "lady"). Interestingly, "nyan" is reminiscent of the Japanese onomatopoeia of a cat's "meow". So is the word 王 (ō, "king") which can be read as "wan", that sounds like dogs' bark. Other Chinese-style-read Japanese words have been known so far in Yu-Gi-Oh! are "kyonshī" as in "Master Kyonshee", "shaoron" as in "Stardust Xiaolong", "wanfū" as in "King Tiger Wanghu" and "shin tsen fū" as in "Xing Zhen Hu" and "Xing Zhen Hu Replica".
  • This card has a close resemblance to Lum Invader from the Manga/Anime Series Urusei Yatsura:
    • They both share the same tiger-skinned outfits and horns, as they are both based on the Japanese legend of the Oni Ogres, who are also known to manipulate thunder and electric shocks.
    • They both have nearly the same exact appearance, minus the faces, hair length and colors.