Card Trivia:Timegazer Magician

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  • This monster has three combined forms with "Stargazer Magician".
    • "Astrograph Sorcerer" (referencing "Stargazer Magician")
    • "Chronograph Sorcerer" (referencing this card)
      • Originally, this monster was going to be called "Chronograph Magician" (時読みの魔術師クロノグラフ・マジシャン Kuronogurafu Majishan), but later it was ultimately named as "Timegazer Magician" by taking off the furigana and reading its kanji as they spell (ときみのじゅつ Tokiyomi no Majutsushi).
    • "Timestar Magician" (referencing both this card and "Stargazer Magician", even though it resembles more the latter)
  • This monster has an upgraded Synchro form: "Enlightenment Paladin".
    • This is supported by the same arced blade-like frames on their bodies, the similar clock symbols in the background of their artworks, and their similar hairstyles.
    • Additionally, "Timebreaker Magician" also appear to be related to this monster, due to their similar names, and their similar effects (the monster effect of this card and the Pendulum Effect of "Timebreaker Magician").