Card Trivia:Vampire Genesis

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  • This card is a reference to some vampiric characters in fiction mutating into stronger, less human-looking forms through certain methods (such as dark magic, centuries of experience and skill, etc.), while gaining a more demonic appearance and stronger abilities than their previous states. Its title of Genesis and demonic appearance is in reference to the original legend behind Dracula attaining his vampirehood, believed to have been gained upon striking a deal with the Devil for immortality.
    • Examples of these would be Alucard from the anime series Hellsing transforming his body into a huge hellhound named Baskerville with multiple eyes in battle; Turel, Zephon, and the Nosgoth vampires in the Legacy of Kain video game series becoming more deformed monsters via a metamorphosis; Dracula of Castlevania mutating into a demonic creature in the final battles of the games; and The Master from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a humanoid form, but still quite morphed from his age and psychic powers. Also, in Warhammer Fantasy Battle, there exists a creature called aVarghulf, which is a vampire whose hunger has fully consumed him.