Card Trivia:Vortex Trooper

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  • This card's WIND Attribute, and design is based on a mechanical fan, a machine designed to create an airflow.
    • This card's OCG name, "Air Circulator", is a reference to the mechanical fan's function of circulating the air, while its TCG name, "Vortex Trooper", is a reference to the vortexes that mechanical fans create.
    • This card's WIND Attribute and Aqua-Type is a reference to this card's owner, Adrian Gecko, who used the "Cloudian" archetype in which the monsters are based on clouds, the aerosol form of evaporated water.
  • This card shares similarities with "Card Trooper":
    • Both cards feature effects that focus on Deck manipulation.
    • Both monsters resemble machines (although this card is an Aqua-Type monster).
    • Both cards feature an effect that allows the player to draw a card when they are destroyed.