Carly Carmine's Duel Links Spotlight!

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Carly Carmine's Duel Links Spotlight!
Carly Carmine's Duel Links Spotlight!
EnglishCarly Carmine's Duel Links Spotlight!
  • March 24, 2020 – March 30, 2020
Card Trader EX
  • March 24, 2020 – April 6, 2020

Carly Carmine's Duel Links Spotlight! is an event that occurred in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It allows the player to unlock Carly Carmine as a playable character.

Event details[edit]


During the event, once the player logs into Duel Links for the first time since the event started (or if already logged-in, once the player enters a Duel World Area, if they weren't at one already), they will be greeted by a cutscene.

Jack, Crow, Akiza, Leo and Luna are called by Carly to help her write a special profile on Duel Links. As there is so much going on, she says she can't do it on her own, and asks them to fill out her Investigation Notes.

Upon hearing that, Jack says he told her to never come back to Duel Links, to which Crow replies that it shouldn't be a problem, as long as they don't have to do it for free. Initially confused, Carly agrees to reward them for their help. As they head off to help her, Jack says he expects nothing less than the best article ever written.

When the player unlocks Carly as a playable character, a new cutscene is played. Carly understands that, even after all the research she's done, there is still much to uncover about Duel Links, so she decides to stay and debut as a Duelist. She plans on training an facing the strongest Duelists around, so that one day she could also marry Jack and become the top Dueling duo. Carly then draws a card to read her fortune, but ends up getting "Fortune Fairy Chee", which represents "super bad fortune". Despite that, she doesn't let it get to her, and joins Duel Links anyway.

On March 27, 2020, a new cutscene is unlocked. The gang returns to deliver their Investigation Notes to Carly, which she thanks them for. After handing out new notes, Carly is approached by Crow, who wants to talk about Jack. He explains her that Jack appears to be so rough with her because he cares about her, and that scary things are happening in Duel Links. Carly gets very happy about it, because it means that Jack does think about her, then she asks Crow if Jack always thinks about her, to which Crow says that she should ask him in person, much to her dismay.

On the day after the event ended, a new cutscene is played. Carly manages to finish her story, and reunites with everyone to thank them. Jack says that, now that she's received his help, she's honor-bound to write the best article ever. However, when Carly was about to sent the draft to her editor, she notices that she lost it. Somewhere else, Yusei picks up a card, only to find out it's actually some kind of document.


Cumulative Rewards[edit]

The following rewards were awarded during this event, based on event points accumulated over the course of the event:

Points Event Rewards
100 5 Gems
200 3000 Gold
300 5 Gems
400 10 R Jewels
500 1 EXP Booster
600 5 Gems
700 10 R Jewels
800 3000 Gold
1000 1 Extra Card
1200 10 Gems
1400 3000 Gold
1600 10 Gems
1800 10 Duel Orbs
2000 1 "Fortune Fairy Chee" (Glossy)
2200 10 R Jewels
2400 1 Results Booster
2600 10 Gems
2800 5 Skill Chips
3000 20 R Jewels
3200 10 Gems
3400 1 Extra Life
3700 10 Duel Orbs
4000 Access to Carly Carmine as a playable character
4100 10 Gems
4200 3000 Gold
4300 30 R Jewels
4400 10 Gems
4600 5 Skill Chips
4800 1 Extra Card
5000 Card Sleeves: Carly Carmine's Duel Links Spotlight!
5100 10 Gems
5200 30 R Jewels
5300 5000 Gold
Points Event Rewards
5400 10 Gems
5600 5 Skill Chips
6000 1 "Fortune Fairy Hikari" (Prismatic)
6100 10 Gems
6200 40 R Jewels
6300 5000 Gold
6400 5 Skill Chips
6600 10 Gems
6800 1 SR Jewel
7000 Game Mat: Carly Carmine's Duel Links Spotlight!
7200 10000 Gold
7500 10 Gems
7800 40 R Jewels
8100 5 Skill Chips
8400 10000 Gold
8700 1 UR Jewel
9000 1 "Temperance of Prophecy"
9200 10 Gems
9400 1 EXP Booster
9600 15000 Gold
9800 10 Gems
10100 5 Skill Chips
10400 2 SR Jewels
10700 1 Results Booster
11000 1 "Fortune Fairy En"
11300 15000 Gold
11600 10 Gems
12000 Icon
12200 50 R Jewels
12400 20000 Gold
12600 1 UR Jewel
12800 20 Gems
13000 Title: Carly Carmine's Duel Links Spotlight! Complete


Completing certain Investigation Notes can reward the player with Rainbow or Gold Packs. When opened, each Pack contains one of the following cards:

Rainbow Pack[edit]

"Fortune Fairy Hikari"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Fortune Fairy En"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Temperance of Prophecy"Super RareEffect Monster
"Miracle Stone"Super RareContinuous Spell
"Dwimmered Path"Super RareNormal Spell

Gold Pack[edit]

"Fortune Fairy Chee"RareEffect Monster
"Spellbook Star Hall"RareContinuous Spell
"Hermit of Prophecy"RareEffect Monster
"Fairywitch"NormalNormal Monster
"Ancient Sorcerer"NormalNormal Monster

Card Trader EX[edit]

An EX Jewel (Carly)

The Card Trader EX appears during this event and remains open until one week after its conclusion. The player can trade their EX Jewels for cards, Booster Items, Gold, and Skill Chips. Each card and Booster Item can only be obtained once from the Card Trader EX during this event, but the Gold can be obtained any number of times.

EX Jewels Item
100 10000 Gold
10 1000 Gold
1 100 Gold
50 5 Results Booster
50 5 EXP Booster
50 5 Extra Life
50 5 Extra Card
100 10 Skill Chips
300 1 "Fortune Fairy Hikari"
100 1 "Temperance of Prophecy"
100 1 "Miracle Stone"
100 1 "Dwimmered Path"
100 1 "Medium of the Ice Barrier"
100 1 "Quick Booster"
100 1 "Battle Tuned"
100 1 "Kelbek"
30 1 "Fortune Fairy Chee"
30 1 "Spellbook Star Hall"
30 1 "Hermit of Prophecy"
30 1 "Lightray Gearfried"
30 1 "Layard the Liberator"
10 1 "Fairywitch"
10 1 "Ancient Sorcerer"