Caught on Camera: School Violence

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Fujita attacking Yugi for the documentary.

Caught on Camera: School Violence was a staged documentary on bullying by ZTV for Survival Morning in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. It abused innocent people for the sake of good ratings.


The director chose Yugi Mutou to play the role of the victim, after seeing how wimpy he looked. He showed his assistant, Fujita, a photo of Yugi and instructed him to get a school jacket, pose as a student and beat-up Yugi in front of the cameras behind the gym. Although Fujita didn't like the idea, he didn't want to lose his job; as a result, he agreed to do it.

Fujita stole a jacket from the school locker room and showed other students the photo of Yugi, to find out his name. He overheard Yugi and Katsuya Jonouchi talking about a rumor of a star being at the school. When Yugi was alone, he told him that he knew who the star was and arranged a chance for Yugi to meet them behind the gym.

When Yugi arrived the director and cameraman were hiding in the bushes. Fujita proceeded to attack Yugi, telling him he'd lied about the star. However Jonouchi arrived and broke-up the fight. As he threatened Fujita, Fujita told him that he didn't want to attack Yugi, but the director told him to. When Jonouchi confronted the director, the director reminded him that he was on camera, preventing Jonouchi from starting a fight. However the director attacked Jonouchi after telling to cameraman to stop filming.

Afterwards, Dark Yugi confronted the director and defeated him in the dice game Shadow Game, inflicting the Mosaic Illusion Penalty Game on him.