Chancellor Foster

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Chancellor Foster
Chancellor Foster
English name
  • Chancellor Foster
Japanese translatedPrincipal Ichnose
Japanese name
  • Male
OccupationChancellor of North Academy
SchoolNorth Academy
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 24: "The New Chazz"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GX
English voice
Japanese voice
  • Izumi Shoji
Other language voices
SpanishAntonio Esquivias
Foster, Chancellor

Chancellor Foster, known in Japan as Ichinose 「市ノ瀬」, is the head of North Academy.


Foster first appears to Chazz Princeton in disguise after Chazz suffers a shipwreck. Foster "accidentally" drops all of Chazz's cards into a puddle, therefore ruining them. He then gives him the "Ojama Yellow" card before sending Chazz back out into the ocean.

He is then found by Chazz next to the school's gate, this time pretending to be an applicant for the school, but reveals he only has 39 cards. He tells Chazz about the trial one must undertake to enter North Academy, and Chazz goes off to find 40 cards.

When Chazz returns, he is annoyed to find Foster still there. Chazz shows some un-Chazz-like behavior and donates a card to him, claiming he had 41 cards. Chazz initially tries to give the "Ojama Yellow" Card to Foster, but is unable to, and instead gives him another card. Foster happily declares he has 40 cards at last, and enters North Academy.

However, Chazz actually only managed to find 39 cards minus Ojama Yellow, so he was one short now and had to search out another.

Foster then appears after Chazz gets inside, being thrown out of a building by other North Academy students. When Chazz beats Czar, Foster finally reveals himself to Chazz as the head of North Academy and then remarks that he didn't really like Czar anyway. He then gives him the rare Armed Dragon series.

When the North Academy submarine arrives at Duel Academy Foster places a bet on the outcome of the duel between Chazz and Jaden Yuki with Chancellor Sheppard. The prize, however, turns out to be nothing more than a kiss from Ms. Dorothy. When Jaden wins, Foster runs past Chazz crying, remarking he can't watch. Chazz then remarks with "That's a chick?" toward Dorothy, obviously confused. When the sub leaves Duel Academy, Foster shouts back to Dorothy that he'll "Be back next year!"


  • Why dropping Chazz's cards into the puddle ruins them goes unexplained, as other cards have been seen wet in the series with no damage to them. In fact, moments after dropping them, Chazz (and the "Ojama Yellow" card) are sent back into the sea, and "Ojama Yellow" is still in good enough condition to be played.
  • It is shown that he can see and hear the Duel Monster Spirit Ojama Yellow.