Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight

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Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight
Shissō no Ankoku Kishi Gaia
Galloping Gaia the Dark Knight
Card type Monster
Attribute LIGHT
Types Warrior / Effect
Level 7 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg
ATK / DEF 2300 / 2100
Password 07841921
Effect types


You can Normal Summon this card without Tributing. If this card is Normal Summoned without Tributing, its original ATK becomes 1900. If this card is Tributed: You can add 1 "Black Luster Soldier" monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight" once per turn.

English sets


2015-11-05DOCS-EN019Dimension of ChaosUltra Rare
2016-09-01MP16-EN1202016 Mega-Tin Mega PackUltra Rare
2020-05-15SS04-ENA10Speed Duel Starter Decks: Match of the MillenniumCommon

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Stat changes
This card loses ATK
Only once per turn

Other languages

Language NameLore
French Gaïa le Chevalier Implacable Attaquant

Vous pouvez Invoquer Normalement cette carte sans Sacrifices. Si cette carte est Invoquée Normalement sans Sacrifices, son ATK d'origine devient 1900. Si cette carte est Sacrifiée : vous pouvez ajouter 1 monstre "Soldat du Lustre Noir" depuis votre Deck à votre main. Vous ne pouvez utiliser cet effet de "Gaïa le Chevalier Implacable Attaquant" qu'une fois par tour.

German Anstürmender Gaia, zorniger Ritter

Du kannst diese Karte als Normalbeschwörung beschwören, ohne Tribut anzubieten. Falls diese Karte als Normalbeschwörung beschworen wird, ohne Tribut anzubieten, werden ihre Grund-ATK zu 1900. Falls diese Karte als Tribut angeboten wird: Du kannst deiner Hand 1 „Schwarz Glänzender Soldat“-Monster von deinem Deck hinzufügen. Du kannst diesen Effekt von „Anstürmender Gaia, zorniger Ritter“ nur einmal pro Spielzug verwenden.

Italian Gaia il Cavaliere in Carica

Puoi Evocare Normalmente questa carta senza offrire Tributi. Se questa carta viene Evocata Normalmente senza offrire Tributi, il suo ATK originale diventa 1900. Se questa carta viene offerta come Tributo: puoi aggiungere 1 mostro "Glorioso Soldato Nero" dal tuo Deck alla tua mano. Puoi utilizzare questo effetto di "Gaia il Cavaliere in Carica" una sola volta per turno.

Portuguese Gaia, o Cavaleiro Impetuoso em Carga

Você pode Invocar este card por Invocação-Normal sem oferecer Tributo. Se este card for Invocado por Invocação-Normal sem oferecer Tributo, seu ATK original se torna 1900. Se este card for oferecido como Tributo: você pode adicionar 1 monstro "Soldado do Lustro Negro" do seu Deck à sua mão. Você só pode usar este efeito de "Gaia, o Cavaleiro Impetuoso em Carga" uma vez por turno.

Spanish Gaia el Caballero Feroz de la Carga

Puedes Invocar esta carta de Modo Normal sin Sacrificar. Si esta carta es Invocada de Modo Normal sin Sacrificar, su ATK original se convierte en 1900. Si esta carta es Sacrificada: puedes añadir a tu mano 1 monstruo "Soldado del Brillo Negro" en tu Deck. Sólo puedes usar este efecto de "Gaia el Caballero Feroz de la Carga" una vez por turno.

Japanese しっそうあんこくガイア


Shissō no Ankoku Kishi Gaia
Galloping Gaia the Dark Knight
Korean 질주의 암흑 기사 가이아

이 카드명의 ③의 효과는 1턴에 1번밖에 사용할 수 없다. ①: 이 카드는 릴리스 없이 일반 소환할 수 있다. ②: 릴리스 없이 일반 소환한 이 카드의 원래 공격력은 1900 이 된다. ③: 이 카드가 릴리스되었을 경우에 발동할 수 있다. 덱에서 "카오스 솔저" 몬스터 1장을 패에 넣는다.

Jilju-ui Amheuk Gisa Gaia

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2015-11-05DOCS-FR019Dimension of ChaosLa Dimension du ChaosUltra Rare
2016-09-01MP16-FR1202016 Mega-Tin Mega Pack2016 Méga-Boîte Méga-PackUltra Rare
2020-05-21SS04-FRA10Speed Duel Starter Decks: Match of the MillenniumDecks de Démarrage Speed Duel : Le Match du MilléniumCommon


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2015-11-05DOCS-DE019Dimension of ChaosDimension of ChaosUltra Rare
2016-09-01MP16-DE1202016 Mega-Tin Mega Pack2016 Mega-Tin Mega PackUltra Rare
2020-05-21SS04-DEA10Speed Duel Starter Decks: Match of the MillenniumSpeed Duel Starter Decks: Match of the MillenniumCommon


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2015-11-05DOCS-IT019Dimension of ChaosDimensione del ChaosUltra Rare
2016-09-01MP16-IT1202016 Mega-Tin Mega Pack2016 Mega-Tin Mega PackUltra Rare
2020-05-21SS04-ITA10Speed Duel Starter Decks: Match of the MillenniumSpeed Duel Starter Decks: Partita del MillennioCommon


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2015-11-06DOCS-PT019Dimension of ChaosDimensão do CaosUltra Rare
2016-09-02MP16-PT1202016 Mega-Tin Mega Pack2016 Mega-Lata Mega-PacoteUltra Rare
2020-05-14SS04-PTA10Speed Duel Starter Decks: Match of the MillenniumDecks Iniciais de Speed Duel: Partida do MilênioCommon


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2015-11-05DOCS-SP019Dimension of ChaosDimensión del CaosUltra Rare
2016-09-01MP16-SP1202016 Mega-Tin Mega Pack2016 Mega-Lata Mega PackUltra Rare
2020-05-21SS04-SPA10Speed Duel Starter Decks: Match of the MillenniumSpeed Duel Barajas de Principiante: El Duelo del MilenioCommon


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2015-07-18DOCS-JP019Dimension of Chaosディメンション・オブ・カオスSuper Rare
Secret Rare
2018-11-23LVP2-JP004LINK VRAINS Pack 2LINKリンク VRAINSヴレインズ PACKパックCommon


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2015-11-06DOCS-KR019Dimension of Chaos디멘션 오브 카오스Super Rare
Secret Rare
2019-03-12LVP2-KR004LINK VRAINS Pack 2링크 브레인즈 팩 2Common

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