Chevelle Kayama

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Chevelle Kayama
Chevelle Kayama
English name
  • Chevelle Kayama
NicknamesCrybaby Chevelle-chan (by Trapigeon)
Japanese name
RōmajiKayama Shubēru
  • Male
OrganizationHeavy Cavalry Duel Club
SchoolGoha 6th Elementary
Anime DeckWinged Beast
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 26: "Maximum Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese voice
  • Yugo Sato
Kayama, Chevelle

Chevelle Kayama (やまシュベール Kayama Shubēru) is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, and an antagonist in the Goha 6th Elementary arc. He is a Tactical Advisor of Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, and is constantly accompanied by Trapigeon, his pet pigeon.



Full body view of Chevelle, with Trapigeon on his shoulder.

Chevelle is a slim pale-skinned boy with gold eyes and curly purple hair. As with his fellow Heavy Cavalry Duel Club members, he dresses smartly, wearing a yellow jacket with a brown lining over a white collared undershirt, white pants with a brown belt, a teal bowtie, white gloves and black boots, with a red cape over his right shoulder; his left shoulder has a brown pad for Trapigeon to sit on. Chevelle's outfit is less somewhat less equestrian-inspired than his peers. He wore similar clothes in his youth.


Chevelle is highly pompous and arrogant, yet also respectful to Asana and Galient, as well as to Trapigeon. He demonstrates a love for trickery, and he and Trapigeon prank the gullible Luke multiple times during their Duel. He moves and acts with a dramatic elegance, making his moves in a Duel with a flourish and introducing the activation of each of Trapigeon's Trap Cards as "Trapigeon's Trap Time".

Chevelle implies in his youth that he was more timid than he is now, as Trapigeon calls him "Crybaby Chevelle-chan" when he is comforting the pigeon multiple times. He cares deeply for Trapigeon, even saving him from a fatal impact after Luke defeats him despite having argued moments before and being physically struck by the pigeon. Although very close, they are not above bickering with one another when they disagree.


Chevelle has a habit of of adding his name onto the end of sentences, and sometimes uses French words such as "non" and "monsieur". When he is interpreting for Trapigeon, he adds a pigeon's coo on the end of his sentence instead of his name.


Chevelle's first name seems to be a French pronunciation of "shovel".



Chevelle became friends with Trapigeon at a young age, soon learning to understand the pigeon. One winter they were caught under the snow, succumbing to the cold as Chevelle tried to comfort Trapigeon, telling him that he would always be with him. Fortunately Asana Mutsuba and her great-grandfather saved them, and Chevelle and Trapigeon later joined the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club with her at Goha 6th Elementary.[1]


After the second Rush Duel between Yuga Ohdo and Nail Saionji and the failure of Nail's plan to eliminate Rush Dueling, Asana vowed that she, Chevelle, and Galient Tazaki, would utterly crush Rush Dueling.[2]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Under Asana's orders, Chevelle sent Luke an invitation to the Dark Rush Duel Tournament through Trapigeon.[3][4] Chevelle, Asana and Galient went to the Rush Duel Training Camp one night to spy on Yuga and his friends, Asana expressing her anticipation for her and Yuga's eventual Duel.[3]

Chevelle and Galient accompanied Asana and the rest of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to the old Goha 6th Elementary campus, where they discovered many Goha 6th students led by Jango participating in the Dark Rush Duel Tournament, in addition to Yuga and his friends, though Chevelle was shocked to learn that R6 had taken to Yuga. Chevelle oversaw the demolition of the old campus, but was shocked when Yuga challenged Asana to a Rush Duel to let the Goha 6th students Rush Duel freely, telling Yuga to use honorifics to address Asana until Asana snapped that Yuga could address her how he wanted. Chevelle and Galient flanked Asana during the Duel, but was shocked when Asana found the Duel interesting and he and Galient urged her to keep quiet. Despite Yuga making a comeback, Asana once again expressed interest in the Duel, prompting Chevelle and Galient to urge her to keep quiet again. Fortunately, Asana drew her Maximum Monsters on her next turn and successfully Maximum Summoned, defeating Yuga and forcing him and his friends to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary.[4]

Chevelle and Galient confronted Yuga and his friends after they voiced a desire to challenge them to a Rush Duel to earn their freedom. Gakuto Sogetsu challenged Galient to a Duel, as Galient had defeated his friend Ranze, and Chevelle watched the Rush Duel with interest, hoping to see Galient's strength. As the Duel progressed, Galient's GG03 began to break down, and Chevelle urged Galient to surrender the Duel as a member of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club could not lose their Heavy Cavalry, though Galient refused, citing that the club didn't permit surrender during a Duel either. Gakuto was able to defeat Galient, destroying GG03, and as a result of his loss Galient gave his jacket to Chevelle and left the school for the Abandoned Dorm.[5] Chevelle oversaw the surveillance of Yuga and his friends, and they detected Yuga's modified Goha Corporation Drone Kaizo escaping with Sebastian, so Chevelle ordered Finger Chikako deployed to capture them. To his horror, Chikako was only able to stop Sebastian and Kaizo was able to escape. Asana then informed Chevelle of her intention to Duel Yuga again and wager the existence of Heavy Cavalry Dueling against Rush Dueling, a decision that worried Chevelle. To their shock, they then learned that Yuga and his friends had escaped into the mine when Kaizo's disappearance was reported.[6]

Chevelle and Trapigeon travelled to the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum to intercept Yuga and his friends, and Chevelle practiced fending off Trapigeon while he waited for the escaped transfer students. Galient arrived before them, having dug all the way to the Colosseum after calling Caterpillio Zomyoji off from attacking Yuga's Road Laboratory, and Chevelle confirmed that Asana had been told of Zomyoji's actions and that he regretted his recklessness, while expressing concern over Galient's own, as he had exhausted himself. Despite his exhaustion, Galient requested to be allowed to Duel Yuga and his friends to protect Asana. Yuga and his friends eventually arrived with Hunt Goto, and Chevelle admitted his surprise that they had made it so far, before allowing Galient to challenge them with his place at Goha 6th Elementary on the line. To his horror, Galient passed out from exhaustion, though Ranze caught him and challenged her friends in his place, a substitution Chevelle was quick to allow. Her brother Rinnosuke Dueled her, ending their Duel in a DRAW, so Chevelle insisted on another Duel before they could pass.[7] Luke accepted the challenge, so Chevelle and Trapigeon took advantage of his gullibility to prank him several times before the Duel before Chevelle revealed that Luke would be Dueling Trapigeon while Chevelle played his cards for him. Trapigeon's Traps quickly began making Luke lose confidence, though he was still able to inflict significant damage to Trapigeon that he blamed Chevelle for, physically kicking him in the face. Chevelle Set more Traps for Trapigeon, driving Luke even deeper into the mental labyrinth that Trapigeon had trapped him in, and when he Summoned a monster, Chevelle took it upon himself to make Trapigeon's move for him, using a Trap to revive a second "Phantom Dove Night Vision" in Attack Position, much to Trapigeon's anger. To their shock, Luke snapped out of his depression and began to enjoy the anticipation of the Trap Cards, bringing out "Miragias the Fantastriking Dragon" and reducing the ATK of the two "Night Visions", a move made possible by Chevelle's blunder. As Luke powered through Trapigeon's remaining Traps and knocked the pigeon back with the effect of "Miragias", Chevelle rescued Trapigeon, only to be kicked off HA10 by the angry pigeon, who claimed they should have parted ways when they met Asana, a sentiment Chevelle angrily agreed with. He attempted to leave, but Luke then attacked and defeated Trapigeon, and Chevelle leapt to save his pet from the fatal impact, hitting his head on the stairs. He gently reminded Trapigeon that he had promised they would always be together as Yuga, Luke, and their friends left the Colosseum.[1]


Main article: Trapigeon § Deck

Chevelle does not Duel himself. Rather, he plays Trapigeon's cards for him, using a Winged Beast Deck.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo 37 Lose (with Trapigeon)


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