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Clockwise from left: "Pantail", "Dolphin", "Chicky" and "Pinny", in the artwork of "Cocoon Party"
Clockwise from left: "Pantail", "Dolphin", "Chicky" and "Pinny", in the artwork of "Cocoon Party"
  • コクーン
  • (base)
  • コクーン (ruby)
  • Kokūn (romanized)
  • Cocoon (translated)

  • Chrysalide

  • Verpuppt

  • Crisalide

  • 코쿤
  • Kokun (romanized)
  • Cocoon (translated)

  • Crisálida


OCG Sets

Anime appearances

"Chrysalis", known as "Cocoon" (コクーン Kokūn) in the OCG, is an archetype of monsters used by Jaden Yuki in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime that contains a small group of infant monsters shielded in cocoons that resemble smaller and younger versions of the "Neo-Spacian" monsters.

"Chrysalis Dolphin" appears as a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008.

Despite the TCG version changing this archetype's name to "Chrysalis", many of the support Spell and Trap Cards still feature the word "Cocoon".


Chrysalis Neo-Spacian Elemental HERO
Original Evolved Original Evolved
Dolphin Aqua Dolphin Marine Dolphin Aqua Neos Marine Neos
Pinny Glow Moss Twinkle Moss Glow Neos N/A
Chicky Air Hummingbird N/A Air Neos
Pantail Dark Panther Dark Neos
Larva Flare Scarab Flare Neos
Mole Grand Mole Grand Neos

Playing style[edit]

The cocooned monsters can be released by a number of methods. Commonly, each "Chrysalis" monster can be Tributed when the Field Spell "Neo Space" is on the field to Special Summon a specified "Neo-Spacian" monster from either your hand or your Deck. There are six "Chrysalis" monsters with different Attributes and Types, and each one has 200 ATK and DEF, and 1 Level, less than its corresponding "Neo-Spacian" monster. With the exception of "Chrysalis Dolphin", they also have the same Type as their "Neo-Spacian" counterparts.