Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs

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Yuga Ohdo and his friends being massaged by Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs.

Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs are a product created by Goha Enterprises that are reportedly a smash hit, though Seatbastian, a self-proclaimed "massage throne" claims that comparing them to him is as night and day.


Seatbastian placed four Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs outside the Road Laboratory to lure Yuga Ohdo, Lucidien Kallister, Romin Kassidy and Gavin Sogetsu to a platform that could be dropped into the Garden of Curiosity. His plan succeeded, with Luke trying the chairs first and convincing his friends to experience them as well, allowing Seatbastian to bring them to him in the Garden.[1]


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