Concentration Duel

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Yusei Fudo facing Clark Smith in a Concentration Duel.

A Concentration Duel is a different way of playing Duel Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

It was introduced by Clark Smith. The Duel follows many of the same mechanics as that of a normal Duel. It is based on the card game concentration and has a variety of conditions that affect the game:

  • Both player's Main Decks are spread out face-down on a table. Players do not have hands in this game; they play cards by revealing their face-down cards on the table. Players cannot look at their face-down cards during the Duel.
  • During either player's turn, a player can declare that they are going to Normal/Special Summon a monster (without starting a Chain Link), activate a Spell Card, or activate a Trap Card, before flipping 1 of their face-down cards face-up. Each of these 3 actions can only be manually declared once per turn, and Summons cannot be manually declared during the opponent's turn. (Card effects may permit players to declare Summons during the opponent's turn, or permit players to Summon multiple times per turn or activate multiple Spell or Trap Cards per turn.)
  • If a player attempts to Summon a monster or activate a Spell or Trap Card, and the card they reveal is not of the type they declare, or the timing is incorrect or the conditions are not met, the card is placed face-down again and the player's attempt for that card type is used up for that turn. The selected card cannot be selected for another "declaration" that turn either.
  • When a card is returned to a player's Deck, that player must shuffle all their face-down cards.
  • Unlike the Main Deck, the Extra Deck is unaffected by any of these rules, a fact which Yusei took advantage of to win the Duel against Clark.