Concentration or Death

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Concentration or Death
Concentration or Death
EnglishConcentration or Death


Game details
GameShadow Game
PlayersDark Yugi
EventTrial of the Mind
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! (Toei)
Chapters18: ""Second Stage""
Episodes6: ""Desperate Situation!! Burning Friendship Battle""
  1. a b In the manga, the game took place at the university. In the anime, it took place at the school.

Concentration or Death was the second stage of Dark Yugi and Shadi's Shadow Game, the Trial of the Mind. It was one of three games Shadi used to try and expose weaknesses in Dark Yugi's heart.

Manga events[edit]

the solution

Dark Yugi was held still by an illusion of Ammit, while a puzzle was placed before him. He was given five minutes to solve the puzzle or he would be devoured by Ammit and although she was just an illusion, Dark Yugi would still be killed by her bite. He would be freed from her grasp if he could solve the puzzle.

The puzzle involved a 3x3 grid of slabs. Each slab was labeled with a question mark. Like in the card game concentration, the slabs consisted of four pairs and one slab with no matching one. Dark Yugi needed to name what was on the extra slab to win. However he was not allowed to turn over any of the slabs and was given one clue: The slabs are a mirror of Ammit.

With the game almost over, Dark Yugi deduced that since the slabs, contained Ammit's reflection, the slabs must represent four things Ammit has two of and one thing she has one of. She had two ears, eyes, nostrils and hands, he thought and called out "mouth" as the answer for the thing she had one of in the last second.

Anime events[edit]