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"Drizard" and "Shovelong" in the artwork of "Constructor Blockade"
"Drizard" and "Shovelong" in the artwork of "Constructor Blockade"
  • げん
  • 幻刃 (base)
  • げんば (ruby)
  • Genba (romanized)
Anime appearances

Constructor, known as Mythic Sword (げん Genba) in Japanese, is a series of EARTH Wyrm monsters, debuting in Deck Modification Pack - Destined Power Destruction!! and used by Asana Mutsuba in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. "Genba" (げん) is homophonous with "on site" (現場), as a reference to excavation sites.


The Constructor crest

Constructor monsters appear as dragons or lizards dressed as construction workers or wielding construction equipment, and each monster's name is derived from tools related to the construction site.

All Level 7 or higher Constructor monsters (including all three pieces of "Wyrm Excavator") feature the same six-pointed crest engraved in their armor.

Constructor monster Construction equipment
Wyrm Excavator Bucket-wheel excavator
Gantry Dragon Gantry crane
Buildragon & Buildrim Crane (mechanical arms)
Dracrush Wrecking ball (tail)
Big Roller Spiked roller (hammer)
Shovelon Shovel
Mixah Cement mixer
Drillzard Drill
Picklon Pickaxe (wings)
Draftannium Drafting machine
Pylon Traffic cone

Playing style[edit]

The main gameplan of the Constructor series is to use Field Spells, especially the Spectral Shangri-La series, to quickly Summon many high-Level monsters in a single turn while using relatively very few cards in hand, giving the Deck amazing comeback power and card advantage. The main play is to use "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon" while controlling any Field Spell to Special Summon "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" from the Graveyard, then use the effect of "Buildragon" to Summon "Constructor Demolition Wyrm Dracrush" from the Graveyard, fielding 3 boss monsters for the cost of only 1. Alternatively, "Buildragon" can instead Summon "Constructor Princess Pylon" to play into the powerful Fusion Monster "Infinidream Constructor Wyrm Buildrim".

The best Field Spells to use are "The Snow-Capped Summit of Spectral Shangri-La", which can further reduce the cost of Summoning a full field of boss monsters to only 2 cards in hand, or "Peaks of Blisstopia", which can increase the ATK of each monster to an overwhelming 2900 to destroy opposing boss monsters in battle and/or One Turn Kill.

Since the Deck can create a strong board from few cards in hand, it will often have cards spare and can afford to play many Spell/Trap Cards, potentially ones with discard costs such as "Constructor Ambush" or "Cranked to Ten!!" to make use of the extra cards. Alternatively, the low cost of Summoning can allow the Deck to continue to play aggressively while gathering in hand the pieces to the theme's Maximum Monster, "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco", which can gain extremely high ATK even during the opponent's turn using its "[L]" effect, making it difficult to destroy by battle.

Other notable cards in the series include "Picklon the Constructor Fairy", which can help get "Buildragon", "Dracrush", and "Pylon" in the Graveyard where they can be Special Summoned, and "Constructor Blockade" and "Constructor Return", which offer defense. By playing "Verdant Vegetation of Spectral Shangri-La", the theme can also be mixed with generic EARTH monsters, such as "Bascule the Moving Fortress", which can help send "Buildragon", "Dracrush", and "Pylon" to the Graveyard and revive "Dracrush".


  • Since "Gantry Dragon", "Buildragon", and "Buildrim" all need a Field Spell on the field to activate, their consistency can be reduced by destroying the active Field Spell whenever possible.
  • Since all high-Level Main Deck monsters in the series except "Dracrush" have 2500 original ATK, the series is vulnerable to "Hardefense Mission" and especially "Eternal Freeze".