Continuous Spell/Trap A

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Cards Per Pack: 3

Price Per Pack: 300 DP

Number of Cards: 74

Unlocked: Beat 8 monsters in a row in Survival Duel

Secret Rare[edit]

Imperial Order

Mirage of Nightmare

Ultra Rare[edit]

Call of the Haunted

Gravity Bind

Messenger of Peace

Royal Decree

Super Rare[edit]

Destiny Board

Fairy Box

Mirror Wall

Needle Wall

Nightmare Wheel

Royal Command


Cathedral of Nobles

DNA Surgery

Embodiment of Apophis

Ground Collapse

Ordeal of a Traveler

Robbin' Goblin

Shadow Spell

Spellbinding Circle

Spirit Message "A"

Spirit Message "I"

Spirit Message "L"

Spirit Message "N"

The A. Forces

Toon World

Ultimate Offering


Anti-Spell Fragrance


Aqua Chorus

Bad Reaction to Simochi

Blind Destruction

Bottomless Shifting Sand

Burning Land

Call of the Mummy

Card of Safe Return

Chain Energy

Convulsion of Nature

Dragon Capture Jar

Dragon's Rage


Fatal Abacus

Forced Requisition

Gravekeeper's Servant

Graverobber's Retribution

Infinite Cards

Infinite Dismissal

Insect Barrier

Jam Breeding Machine

Jam Defender

Life Absorbing Machine

Light of Intervention

Magical Thorn

Mask of Dispel

Mask of Restrict

Minor Goblin Official

Ominous Fortunetelling

Respect Play

Second Coin Toss

Skull Invitation

Skull Lair

Solemn Wishes

Spiritual Energy Settle Machine

The Dark Door

The Dragon's Bead

The Emperor's Holiday

The Eye of Truth

The Regulation of Tribe


Toon Defense

Tornado Wall

Type Zero Magic Crusher

Vengeful Bog Spirit

Yellow Luster Shield