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Counter Trap Card

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Kauntā Torappu Kādo


Counter Trap Card


Counter Trap Cards (Japanese: カウンタートラップカード Kauntā Torappu Kādo) are a subcategory of Trap Cards characterized by its effects being Spell Speed 3.


As a Trap Card, Counter Trap Cards must first be set before they can be activated, and cannot be activated in the same turn they are set. After activation and resolution, Counter Trap Cards are sent to the Graveyard.

Counter Trap Cards feature their own Spell Speed of Spell Speed 3. Being the only cards/effects that are Spell Speed 3, they can be activated in response to all other cards/effects, and only other Counter Trap Cards can be activated in response to them. Importantly, only the card activation of a Counter Trap is Spell Speed 3; Counter Trap Cards may have effects activated outside of the field (e.g.: "Orcust Crescendo"), and these effects are never Spell Speed 3.

Most Counter Trap Cards have activation condition that only allow them to be activated in response to the activations of other cards or effects (usually to negate those activations/effects), although there are others that can be activated as Chain Link 1 if their activation condition is met, such as "Black Horn of Heaven", "Negate Attack", or "Parthian Shot".

Counter Trap Cards can be activated during the Damage Step.[1]



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