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Craft Points (CP) are the unit of currency in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. They are used to craft specific cards of varying rarities.

Players can earn CP of each rarities by playing Ranked Duels, dismantling unused cards, or obtained as the Duel Pass rewards.

Crafting and dismantling[edit]

Craft Points were divided into four rarities, corresponding with the in-game card's rarities: N (Normal), R (Rare), SR (Super Rare), and UR (Ultra Rare). Each cards requires 30 CP of their respective rarity to be crafted. For example, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", a UR card, requires 30 UR CP to be crafted. Prior to 30 September 2022, Forbidden cards cannot be crafted regardless of rarity. After that date, some Forbidden cards can be crafted and used in the "Unlimited" format of the game in the Duel Rooms.

When crafting or opening a pack, player has a chance to obtain a card with more elaborate finish. They are sorted as a separate set of cards and granting more CP when dismantled. The Basic (non-foil) grants 10 CP, Glossy Finish 15 CP, and Royal Finish 30 CP respectively. Player can use "Dismantle All Extra Cards" feature to dismantle all but three of cards of each finishes to quickly dismantle excess cards. Cards obtained as a reward or bundle pack cannot be dismantled, but a copy of the same card(s) obtained through other means can be dismantled normally.