Crest Pool

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The Crest Pool is the place where you can store the following items after they have been rolled:

ProgressCrest-DDM.jpg Movement Crest

AttackCrest-DDM.jpg Attack Crest

DefenseCrest-DDM.jpg Guard Crest

MagicCrest-DDM.jpg Magic Crest

TrapCrest-DDM.jpg Trap Crest

On the Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters (video game) the Crest Pool was identified as a counter that digitally stored the crests you rolled.


ProgressCrest-DDM.jpg 3

AttackCrest-DDM.jpg 17

DefenseCrest-DDM.jpg 9

MagicCrest-DDM.jpg 23

TrapCrest-DDM.jpg 8

The real-life version of Dungeon Dice Monsters had a "Crest Counter" which, basically, was a Crest pool, but sliding beads indicated how many Crests you rolled instead of a small digital counter that went up to 99.