Crow pack (Link Evolution)

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Crow pack
Crow pack
  • Crow pack
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
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Crow pack

The Crow pack is a Booster Pack available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. It becomes available in the Card Shop after completing the Digging Deeper scenario in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's section of the campaign.

Each pack costs 400 DP and contains 8 cards (7 Commons and 1 Rare).


Name Rarity
"Against the Wind" Common
"Alector, Sovereign of Birds" Common
"Ancient Leaf" Common
"Ancient Lizard Warrior" Common
"Assault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling" Rare
"Assault Blackwing - Kunai the Drizzle" Common
"Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine Thunder" Rare
"Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower" Rare
"Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain Hider" Common
"Assault Blackwing - Sohaya the Rain Storm" Common
"Ballista Squad" Common
"Barkion's Bark" Common
"Barrel Lily" Common
"Battlestorm" Common
"Berserking" Common
"Black Feather Beacon" Common
"Black Return" Common
"Black Salvo" Common
"Black Sonic" Common
"Black Thunder" Common
"Black Whirlwind" Rare
"Black Wing Revenge" Common
"Black-Winged Dragon" Rare
"Black-Winged Strafe" Common
"Blackback" Common
"Blackbird Close" Common
"Blackboost" Common
"Blackfeather Darkrage Dragon" Rare
"Blackwing - Abrolhos the Megaquake" Common
"Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights" Common
"Blackwing - Auster the South Wind" Common
"Blackwing - Backlash" Common
"Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North" Common
"Blackwing - Bombardment" Common
"Blackwing - Boobytrap" Common
"Blackwing - Bora the Spear" Rare
"Blackwing - Boreas the Sharp" Common
"Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr" Common
"Blackwing - Brisote the Tailwind" Common
"Blackwing - Calima the Haze" Common
"Blackwing - Damascus the Polar Night" Common
"Blackwing - Decay the Ill Wind" Common
"Blackwing - Elphin the Raven" Common
"Blackwing - Etesian of Two Swords" Common
"Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain" Common
"Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind" Rare
"Blackwing - Ghibli the Searing Wind" Common
"Blackwing - Gladius the Midnight Sun" Common
"Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow" Common
"Blackwing - Gram the Shining Star" Common
"Blackwing - Gust the Backblast" Common
"Blackwing - Harmattan the Dust" Common
"Blackwing - Hillen the Tengu-wind" Common
"Blackwing - Hurricane the Tornado" Common
"Blackwing - Jetstream the Blue Sky" Common
"Blackwing - Jin the Rain Shadow" Common
"Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow" Rare
"Blackwing - Kochi the Daybreak" Common
"Blackwing - Kogarashi the Wanderer" Common
"Blackwing - Kris the Crack of Dawn" Common
"Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield" Common
"Blackwing - Nothung the Starlight" Rare
"Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall" Common
"Blackwing - Pinaki the Waxing Moon" Common
"Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame" Rare
"Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant" Common
"Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind" Rare
"Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn" Rare
"Blackwing - Steam the Cloak" Common
"Blackwing - Tornado the Reverse Wind" Common
"Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor" Rare
"Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite" Rare
"Blackwing Armed Wing" Rare
"Blackwing Armor Master" Rare
"Blackwing Full Armor Master" Rare
"Blackwing Tamer - Obsidian Hawk Joe" Common
"Blood Mefist" Rare
"Bunilla" Common
"Burgeoning Whirlflame" Common
"Cards for Black Feathers" Common
"Cash Back" Common
"Chaos Goddess" Common
"Chaos King Archfiend" Rare
"Cheepcheepcheep" Common
"Cockadoodledoo" Common
"Crow Goblin" Common
"D. Human" Common
"Damage Translation" Common
"Dark Flattop" Rare
"Dark Strike Fighter" Rare
"Dark-Piercing Light" Common
"Darksea Float" Common
"Darksea Rescue" Common
"Defenders Intersect" Common
"Delta Crow - Anti Reverse" Common
"Depth Amulet" Common
"Dharma Cannon" Common
"Divine Relic Mjollnir" Common
"Divine Wind of Mist Valley" Common
"Dustflame Blast" Common
"Dverg of the Nordic Alfar" Common
"Elephun" Common
"Exterio's Fang" Common
"Extra Net" Rare
"Eyearmor" Common
"Fabled Ashenveil" Common
"Fabled Dianaira" Rare
"Fabled Dyf" Common
"Fabled Gallabas" Common
"Fabled Grimro" Common
"Fabled Krus" Rare
"Fabled Kushano" Common
"Fabled Leviathan" Rare
"Fabled Lurrie" Common
"Fabled Miztoji" Common
"Fabled Oltro" Common
"Fabled Ragin" Rare
"Fabled Raven" Common
"Fabled Soulkius" Common
"Fabled Topi" Common
"Fabled Urustos" Common
"Fabled Valkyrus" Rare
"Fake Explosion" Common
"Fake Feather" Common
"Fenrir the Nordic Wolf" Common
"Firebird" Common
"Firewing Pegasus" Common
"Flying Fortress SKY FIRE" Rare
"Fruits of Kozaky's Studies" Common
"Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective" Common
"Garmr of the Nordic Beasts" Common
"Genin" Common
"Ghost Bird of Bewitchment" Rare
"Giant Kozaky" Common
"Gift Exchange" Common
"Gleipnir, the Fetters of Fenrir" Rare
"Glowing Crossbow" Common
"Goblin Calligrapher" Common
"Gotterdammerung" Common
"Gravity Collapse" Common
"Guard Mines" Common
"Guldfaxe of the Nordic Beasts" Common
"Gullveig of the Nordic Ascendant" Rare
"Haniwa" Common
"Happy Lover" Common
"Hidden Soldiers" Common
"Hunter of Black Feathers" Common
"Hunter Owl" Rare
"Imperial Custom" Common
"Jester Confit" Rare
"Jester Lord" Common
"Jormungardr the Nordic Serpent" Common
"Kageningen" Common
"Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith" Common
"Key Mace" Common
"Key Mace #2" Common
"Kickfire" Common
"Kozaky" Common
"Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button" Common
"Kurama" Common
"Landoise's Luminous Moss" Common
"Laval Blaster" Common
"Laval Burner" Common
"Laval Cannon" Common
"Laval Coatl" Common
"Laval Dual Slasher" Common
"Laval Forest Sprite" Common
"Laval Judgment Lord" Rare
"Laval Lakeside Lady" Rare
"Laval Lancelord" Common
"Laval Magma Cannoneer" Rare
"Laval Miller" Common
"Laval Phlogis" Common
"Laval Stennon" Rare
"Laval the Greater" Common
"Laval Volcano Handmaiden" Common
"Laval Warrior" Common
"Lavalval Chain" Rare
"Lavalval Dragon" Rare
"Lavalval Dragun" Rare
"Lavalval Ignis" Rare
"Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree" Common
"Leodrake's Mane" Common
"Ljosalf of the Nordic Alfar" Common
"Loki, Lord of the Aesir" Rare
"Malfunction" Common
"Mara of the Nordic Alfar" Rare
"March Towards Ragnarok" Common
"Mikazukinoyaiba" Common
"Mimir of the Nordic Ascendant" Common
"Minefieldriller" Common
"Mist Bird Clausolas" Rare
"Mist Condor" Common
"Mist Valley Apex Avian" Rare
"Mist Valley Baby Roc" Common
"Mist Valley Executor" Common
"Mist Valley Falcon" Rare
"Mist Valley Shaman" Common
"Mist Valley Soldier" Common
"Mist Valley Thunder Lord" Rare
"Mist Valley Thunderbird" Common
"Mist Valley Watcher" Common
"Mist Valley Windmaster" Common
"Molten Conduction Field" Common
"Molten Whirlwind Wall" Common
"Mr. Volcano" Common
"Mystic Macrocarpa Seed" Common
"Naturia Antjaw" Common
"Naturia Bamboo Shoot" Rare
"Naturia Barkion" Rare
"Naturia Beans" Common
"Naturia Beast" Rare
"Naturia Beetle" Common
"Naturia Butterfly" Common
"Naturia Cherries" Common
"Naturia Cliff" Rare
"Naturia Cosmobeet" Common
"Naturia Dragonfly" Common
"Naturia Eggplant" Common
"Naturia Exterio" Rare
"Naturia Forest" Common
"Naturia Fruitfly" Common
"Naturia Gaiastrio" Common
"Naturia Guardian" Common
"Naturia Horneedle" Common
"Naturia Hydrangea" Common
"Naturia Ladybug" Common
"Naturia Landoise" Rare
"Naturia Leodrake" Rare
"Naturia Mantis" Common
"Naturia Marron" Common
"Naturia Mosquito" Common
"Naturia Pineapple" Common
"Naturia Pumpkin" Common
"Naturia Ragweed" Common
"Naturia Rock" Common
"Naturia Rosewhip" Common
"Naturia Sacred Tree" Common
"Naturia Spiderfang" Common
"Naturia Stag Beetle" Common
"Naturia Stinkbug" Common
"Naturia Strawberry" Common
"Naturia Sunflower" Common
"Naturia Tulip" Common
"Naturia Vein" Common
"Naturia White Oak" Common
"Needle Soldier" Common
"Nordic Relic Brisingamen" Common
"Nordic Relic Draupnir" Common
"Nordic Relic Gungnir" Common
"Nordic Relic Laevateinn" Common
"Nordic Relic Megingjord" Rare
"Obedience Schooled" Rare
"Odin's Eye" Common
"Odin, Father of the Aesir" Rare
"Onikuji" Common
"Pale Beast" Common
"Peacock" Common
"Pot the Trick" Common
"Prime Material Falcon" Common
"Prominence, Molten Swordsman" Common
"Rainbow Marine Mermaid" Common
"Rallis the Star Bird" Common
"Raptor Wing Strike" Common
"Reckless Greed" Rare
"Reed Butterfly" Common
"Searing Fire Wall" Common
"Shadow Specter" Common
"Share the Pain" Common
"Shrine of Mist Valley" Common
"Skill Successor" Common
"Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land" Common
"Solemn Authority" Common
"Sonic Shooter" Common
"Spell Reactor・RE" Common
"Spikebot" Common
"Star Blast" Common
"Summon Reactor・SK" Common
"Svartalf of the Nordic Alfar" Common
"Swallow's Nest" Common
"Swarm of Crows" Common
"Swift Birdman Joe" Common
"Synchro Boost" Common
"Tanngnjostr of the Nordic Beasts" Common
"Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts" Common
"The Fabled Catsith" Common
"The Fabled Cerburrel" Rare
"The Fabled Chawa" Common
"The Fabled Ganashia" Common
"The Fabled Kokkator" Common
"The Fabled Kudabbi" Rare
"The Fabled Nozoochee" Common
"The Fabled Peggulsus" Common
"The Fabled Rubyruda" Common
"The Fabled Unicore" Rare
"The Golden Apples" Common
"The Nordic Lights" Rare
"Thor, Lord of the Aesir" Rare
"Tornado Bird" Common
"Trap Reactor・Y FI" Common
"Troposphere" Common
"Tuner's Scheme" Common
"Two-Pronged Attack" Common
"Tyr of the Nordic Champions" Common
"Ultimate Obedient Fiend" Common
"Unified Front" Common
"Valerifawn, Mystical Beast of the Forest" Common
"Valkyrie of the Nordic Ascendant" Common
"Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant" Common
"Vortex the Whirlwind" Rare
"Vulcan the Divine" Rare
"Whiptail Crow" Common
"Zarigun" Common
"Zushin the Sleeping Giant" Rare